Tenant Check List

When you are looking for a new place to live, there can be a lot to organise and remember. Asking the questions below will help you choose the place that?s best for you, your budget and your lifestyle.

Questions to ask:

  1. When is the property available?
  2. Is it a fixed-term tenancy or a periodic tenancy?
  3. Is it close to transport, Shops, Schools/Colleges?
  4. How many people are allowed to live in the property?
  5. Is there a garage or on-street parking?
  6. Are pets allowed?
  7. What's the neighbourhood like?
  8. Does the landlord have any references?
  9. What is the best way to contact the landlord?
  10. Found the place that's right for you?

Make sure you and your landlord:

complete a thorough property inspection and note any damage in the property inspection report (part of the Tenancy Agreement)
complete a Tenancy Agreement, write in any conditions that you both agree on, and each keep a copy
organise how you will pay the rent (e.g. automatic payment or direct debit)

Before you move in:

  • Find out when rubbish and recycling is collected.
  • Connect the gas, electricity and phone.
  • Tell your doctor, dentist, workplace, gym, bank, children?s schools, friends and family that you are moving.
  • Organise your mail to be redirected by the post office.

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